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Getting More Out Of Being Alone: Concerts

Concert junkies know the pain of preparing for a show. Your favourite band is on tour and coming to a city near you and the tickets are selling out fast. Most of your friends are busy and some can’t afford the price so you just wait until the next tour circuit and hope it comes together. Until fairly recently, the idea of going to a concert alone sounded absolutely absurd to me. A poll conducted by Bandsintown last year discovered that 80% of concertgoers would want to go to a concert alone. Whether you're on the lookout for new music or desperate to see your favourite artists, this article will outline my biggest tips for flying solo at a concert.

We associate music with our people, our friends, and our families. It is completely natural to have the desire to share experiences with those close to you, even if that means not going at all. Taking the layer of protection between interacting with the world and your comfort zone is nerve-wracking and unpredictable so many opt out of those opportunities. The most important step towards being able to venture on these solo concerts is to remind yourself of the logistical reasons why this is something you should.

Getting More Out of Your Experience:

Allowing ourselves the time to talk our way out of opportunities and wondering why we aren’t getting the most out of life is the driving force behind why going solo can open your world up to concerts and gigs you normally wouldn’t be able to see. If you’re anything like me, the impulse to skip town for one night for a show comes too often to wait around for my friends to let me know when they are ready. This not only goes for concerts but other parts of our lives too! The first step in getting the most out of life is being willing to take it in alone at times!

*Bringing others to a concert you booked can be worrisome if they don’t know the artist or don’t seem to enjoy themselves. Going solo relieves you of the stress and the opposite- wanting to leave a concert when you feel like it!

Save Money and Saving Time:

In Ticketmasters today, buying tickets can be a real battle. One of the best parts in booking solo concerts is the ability to quickly determine whether you actually want to go to the show or not. Once that is decided, you are much more likely to score better seats and better prices when you secure them earlier.

*An easy way to always know when your favourite artist is coming to a venue near you is by subscribing to their personal websites and Spotify (link) so that you beat the queue.

*Depending on how far you are willing to travel, going solo can save you a ton on accommodation and food. As a student, the stress of keeping to a budget is heightened when there are others involved and when going alone, you control the activities and can go stress-free.

Making Friends:

Whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, we all go to concerts with the desire to feel at home in the music. To most, going alone strips away that joy of screaming lyrics with your friends at your side, but it actually builds on that feeling. In my solo experience, after worming my way to the front of the crowds, I always find a healthy handful of fans who also came alone!

*You don’t have to be a world-class conversationalist, but simply opening yourself up to just introduce yourself and knowing you have at least one thing in common can go an extremely long way.

*Being in front of people you don’t know can be free when you have standing tickets at a show. This is the time when you can truly let go, sing as loudly as you want and dance harder than you normally would! Who are they going to tell?

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