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The Greatest of the Escape: Artists To Watch For!

The Great Escape festival in Brighton this year was nothing short of spectacular! From Tiktok sensations like Katie Gregson-Macleod to revived groups like The Rubens we were able to see the best and newest work from a new generation of music. To me, nothing is more than knowing you’ve got your ear on the next big thing. From the line up I was able to see perform and interview, here is my breakdown of the artists you should have your eye on in 2023!


Leading up to the festival, FIZZ was quietly creeping onto the scene as signs and ads were spread across Brighton with the phrase: “a new phase awaits you”. On day one of the festival, a representative I knew who worked with the group finally told me who they were and how this all started. Only forming just months before the festival, singer songwriters Dodie, Martin Luke Brown, Orla Gartland and Greta Isaac came together to deliver a whole new style of folk. Choosing to debut the band at the festival is a bold choice since they have yet to release any music and yet their first show was one you knew you’d remember forever. Martin and Orla’s ability to harmonize and sing with so much expression awakened the first performance with a tune titled, “High In Brighton”. Their set was fun and playful with a CandyLand-like structure and a triumphant bubbly end. Of course, Dodie coming in on the clarinet was a huge highlight as a personal fan and left me with the sense that they are going to be merging their styles rather than changing what we love about them as artists completely.

Chanel Loren:

Less than 12 months into her career, Chanel Loren has been able to take the indie R&B stage by storm and did so as well on Brighton Beach. As a performer, she carried herself with so much joy and confidence that was mesmerising to watch and hear. With just five songs under her belt, she was able to rack 1.65 million streams (and counting) she is ready to drop her debut EP and not stop this momentum anytime soon. Her music has been compared to artists such as SZA, Kehlani, and Jorja Smith and is looking to perform alongside Destin Conrad and Kota the Friend later in the year. Her lively and easy-going sound was easy to enjoy on the seafront and definitely left me wanting to be a fan. She was essentially on the stage alone and encouraged the crowd to move around and sing along with her. Chanel kept her enjoyment the top priority and for that reason alone, she was definitely one the best performances I’d seen out of the festival.

Jessica Winter:

Walking into Jessica’s performance at Revenge Club, I had no expectations of what she would be like. Electronic music isn’t typically my taste so I hadn’t seen much of her prior to this gig. Her presence was both mystical and sultry as she made her way to center stage with a fabulous black trench coat and leather gloves. She sings about heartbreak and revenge with a bit of pop and grunge. She is unwavering in her approach to songwriting and visuals by creating pieces that are multidimensional. Her brand is being honest, even if it's brutal. She defines herself as a “living manifestation of my life experiences– both as a child and adult– where a series of integral moments unique to me have contributed to creating ‘Jessica Winter’ the artist”. She's broken out as a shadow writer for artists like Phoebe Green and The Big Moon and confirmed that her new era of music is well on its way. One of my favorite songs from the set was ‘Clutter’, a song born after she found old memories and pictures of an ex of hers and decided to get to writing. Jessica is the ‘punk-post-heartbreak’ artist we all need every now and then.

Kai Bosch:

At just 20 years old, this new and developing artist has a story he needs to tell. Kai wants to take the crowd into an emotional drama and particular tale of heartache and more specifically the desire to hold on to self-love after failed attempts at love. “This EP is for anyone who wears their heart a bit too on their sleeve.” he says of his debut EP, Spider which was released in mid-April. While performing, Kai allowed his body to move in a way that can only be described as “ethereal”. Kai’s vocals are unmatched and allow you to get drawn into this story. He has a passion for bringing in his creative team of friends to help craft his truth in such a beautiful way. He is a boy who wants to break out above the darkness that he’s faced and share his experience with those who may need it the most

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